Photos: Top of City Hall


There were two good things about my recent jury duty service — I was dismissed after one day and during lunch I checked out the view from the observation deck at City Hall. Yes, there is an observation deck at…

Riding the Expo Line


Readers of this blog (there are one or two) know that I often write about transportation issues, including mass transit. So I thought it was a bit odd that I never, ever rode public transportation in all of my time…

L.A.’s Original Lamppost Art


Lovers of the “Urban Light” lamppost art installation that dominates the entrance to LACMA (after six years I am still on the fence about it) might want to head over to a nondescript strip mall in East Hollywood where the…

Reimagining L.A. Rail


While I am an advocate of public transportation, I have written several times against the Wilshire subway, arguing that a single East-West line with nearly no connections to other train lines would be virtually useless. So instead of my usual…

Memories of Super Bowl XVII


Watching the Super Bowl on Sunday put me in mind of Super Bowl XVII at the Rose Bowl in 1983 — that’s because I was there and it was my first trip to Los Angeles. A friend won the right…

Rams Coming Back to L.A.?


Will there be a homecoming between the St. Louis Rams and Los Angeles (well, Inglewood, actually)? Rams owner Stan Kroenke has bought a 60-acre plot of land between now-closed Hollywood Park and the Forum. “We have yet to decide what…

Photos: L.A. Dingbats


If you think “dingbat” is just a cruel nickname for Edith Bunker, then you obviously do not live in Los Angeles. Here, the dingbat is a small, two-story multi-unit apartment building with parking in front underneath the elevated building. They…

Photos: L.A. Random Signs


Lately I have been posting photos of cool signs that I have stumbled upon around town, including those from bowling alleys, liquor stores and motels. Here are a random few that do not fit into any particular category: